Honeymoon day 4 Corney Brook Campground

(Abby Writing…)

We saw seals this morning as we ate our oatmeal in our campsite. They kept bobbing up their silky heads and swimming about! How fun! We took a dip in the ocean and floated in the crashing waves. The beach is covered in smooth rocks but even smooth rocks are hard when you crash into them!! Somehow the water in the gulf of St. Lawrence seems warmer than the coast of Maine but that doesn’t really seem possible. There is a freshwater stream outlet near the campsite however, and that is frigid! It’s great though to rinse off the salty sea.

After our refreshing swim, we read books, watched the sea, and ate pancakes (lunch—not double breakfast). As we packed up the kayaks to venture out...it started to POUR! It was a foggy, viewless drive on Cabot Trail. When we found cell signal we booked the Cat home and accommodation in Yarmouth. Then guess what? The skies cleared!!!!

We found a spot to launch into South Harbor and spent a couple hours paddling about. I was struck by the crystal beauty of the water and the white birches along the shoreline. There were also steep banks on either side of the harbor covered in a soft rock and showed its erosion lines. So cool how water shapes our world! Stomachs growling we found ourselves at the Rusty Anchor where we had the best meal of the trip!!!! Rainy ride back to the campsite and most likely a few showers overnight but our tent is toasty and dry—for now!


  1. What a wonderful time to visit PEI and other spots in Nova Scotia... Thank you for sharing this new adventure!!!


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