Honeymoon Day 3: Inverness to Corney Brook, Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia, CA

To start the day we made some oatmeal at the campsite and finished off the raspberries. We broke camp quickly and headed into Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The park costs $7.30 CAD per person per day. We made our way to Corney Brook campsite and had a good choice of sites. We have a great view of the beach and ocean. The sites are a little tight and open.

Once camp was set and we had eaten some lunch we headed off to do a hike, Skyline trail. The trail was very well maintained and had boardwalk installed to help re-establish the fragile ecosystem on the top of the hills. We also went through a moose exclosure, a fenced off area to keep moose out while the saplings take hold.

Next we walked around a bog (fen) trail that had a nature tour and then back to camp to hop in the ocean and then the very end of Corney Brook as it freed into the ocean to clean off the salt. The ocean was fairly warm and the brook was very cold! Next we were back into the sun to warm up again and really relax.

Dinner was interesting, a dehydrated backpacking meal, biscuits and gravy, that I didn't realize was meant for breakfast. In any case it was really good and made a good dinner. As we finished dinner we had a wonderful sunset and watched as the seals patroled by.

This is Abby--I wouldn't go as far as saying that dinner was really good--edible and much better than I expected but really good is pushing it 😁

All in all a good day! What a beautiful place!


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