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Reflections on a month in Peru

Our first month in Peru has been amazing. It's hard to believe a month has gone by already. Both Abby and I are getting settled into work, and our new apartment. We've started some good habits. We've been running- we have a goal of 16k per week (about 10 miles). We've also been trying to do a "friend's dinner" every week where we pick a night and invite some friends for a home cooked meal. I've been very happy with my work set-up. I have a desk (the only furniture we've purchased so far, everything else we have was provided with the apartment) in the guest bedroom where I have a quiet place to work. I have a decent web camera set up so I can do video meetings with my team. I even hung a little white board on the wall for sketching out designs and for Abby to leave me notes about remembering to eat lunch 😬. There have been some challenges of course. After about a week of us moving in the gas to our apartment was turned off as a res